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Welcome to BIQAware!
This is your entry point into a whole new world of motion understanding. Raise your awareness about how you move and how well you move as you navigate through our body IQ's. If you use our system you will most certainly improve your overall athletic athletic ability, but if you engage in our system you will be successful athletically and will have strong foundations that will benefit you throughout your lifetime.
We are privileged to be a part of your journey to success!

Raise your Awareness Today!

Mind, Body and Movement, all at a glance. Dash IQ combines the 3 pillars of our system, Mental IQ, Physical IQ, and Motion IQ, all into one simple dashboard. Here, the athlete can quickly and easily discover the most important action items related to their overall performance within our system.
Physical well being is an integral part of an athletes ability to perform both on and off the filed. Physical IQ's are broken down into 3 core concepts, Physique IQ, Nutrition IQ, and Hydration IQ. These three core concepts create a simple yet comprehensive look at the athletes overall physical well being. Physique IQ is where athletes update their vital stats periodically based on what programs they are currently training. Hydration IQ and Nutrition IQ together ensure the athlete is replacing whatever they lose during their training and throughout their day.
Mental well being is often overlooked in athletic performance, but here at BIQAware, we know how important an athlete's Focus IQ, Emotional IQ, and Educational IQ can be in an athlete's growth throughout their sports career and long into their personal and professional lives. Athletes improve their focus with mental activities, track their emotional balance and subscribe to feeds that help reinforce mental well being. Finally they track knowledge gained related to the sports they are active in.
The profound power of sound athletic information cannot be understated. Motion IQ is divided into 3 pillars, Fundamentals IQ, Mechanics IQ, and Skills IQ. The Fundamentals IQ progressive movement package alone will benefit most, if not all athletes of all ability levels. Athletes can progress at their own speed, or with a group, as they master skills in each pillar. The three tears of our progressive movement plan are a sure path to improved athletic ability.

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